Laying Foundations

Laying Foundation - CatepillarSpring time here in Manitoba has been long awaited, but since it finally started in the last weekend of April, the New Bible Camp work has been going full tilt. As a team, we have learned some good lessons. When we use people’s individual gifts in a team setting, much more is accomplished.

Faithful workers used chain saws and a lot of muscle power, under the direction of Mr. John Enns who brought equipment to our forest from his company Southgate Construction. John is an expert in excavation and in three busy days he cleared the forest building areas, and trucked in the gravel (48 truckloads) for our foundations. He then proceeded to level and pack all that gravel with his bulldozer so the next crew could start building the concrete forms for cabin foundations.

A crew headed up by Dan Midwinter and Wes Geddert are overseeing volunteers who will be working on the concrete forms, rebar, plumbing, and finally pouring concrete by the end of May. Martin Hiller (our contractor from Elma, MB), will make sure everything is done correctly and he will be using his professional expertise, his men, and equipment to keep us all on track in terms of building codes.

We are all taking part in an important commitment: to have as much built as possible for this summer’s children’s camps that start July 15. As God provides good weather, committed volunteers, and financial support, we will see the framing of our first cabin(s) in June. The remaining cabins will be framed and worked on in July by our Mennonite Disaster Services team who are coming to help. This is an exciting time for the children’s camping needs.

Current needs to pray for are: donated building materials, portable showers, extra-large meeting tents, a large portable generator/power plant, excavation equipment loans, safety for all workers, and excellent building weather.