Staff Opportunities This Summer!

Do you love working with children and teens? Enjoy the wilderness and outdoors? Are you looking for a place to use your gifts to serve God and advance His kingdom?

If your answer was yes to any of those questions, you should consider joining our summer staff team. We have a number of ministries that we run in the summer that cater to the specific needs of inner city children and teens. We build relationships with our youth throughout the school year, then give them even more opportunities to grow and learn about Jesus during our summer ministry season.

Being a part of our team will require a lot of hard work, but it’s extremely rewarding (and we have a lot of fun!) We are looking to hire 12 individuals to help us run our four streams of ministry: Summer Youth Ministry, Summer Adventures, Explorers Bible Camp, Explore! Wilderness Adventures, and our Worker Discipleship Program.

These programs are as follows:

Summer Positions:

Explorers Bible Camp: Two positions available

Our camp property is located in Hadashville, Manitoba – about 45 mins from the perimeter. We run six weeks of camp geared specifically to our children, youth, and families. Together, the team members oversee all aspects of running camp from volunteers, chapel times, signing up campers etc.

Summer Teen Ministry: Three positions available

During the summer months many teens tend to spend their days either bored at home, or with friends getting into trouble. The summer teen ministry team works together to plan special outreach events and discipleship opportunities to give the teens a positive, Bible based program to attend.

Summer Adventures: Three positions available

Our Summer Adventures team  works together to plan daily events for the children who live in inner city neighbourhoods. This program centers on engaging the children with activities of their interest such as: sports, art, cooking, dance etc. This program also focuses on recruiting new children to bring into our programs.

Explore! Wildreness Adventures: One position available

Explore! Is our outdoor adventure program.  In Spring the team will spend weekends canoeing, hiking, and camping. When school ends in June the team will launch our Summer Wilderness Tripping program where they will head out for 3-5 days at a time through July and August. These trips are where youth utilize their skills and expand on their experience in outdoor activity. Our great reward is when youth come back with stories of faith growth and Biblical revelation after their time in the wilderness.

Worker Discipleship Program: One position available

This program is our new discipleship program for our youth. During the school year we meet bi-weekly with our youth to train them in what it means to be a follower of Christ and how to serve. During the summer we have our youth involved serving at our summer programs – Summer Adventures and Explorers Bible Camp. The individuals on this team will oversee these youth in their roles, mentor them and help them grow over the summer.

Staff Application Form

If you have any interest or would like to inquire more about any of these opportunities, contact Cheryl for more information.