Introducing our new General Manager

Dear friends of Living Bible Explorers,

After a lengthy process of searching and prayer we have hired Curtis Klassen to be our next General Manager. Curtis and his wife April live on Home St. just minutes from the LBE ministry centre and come to us with youth ministry, overseas and administrative experience. Curtis will be starting next week and we are glad to have him here to learn the systems and to start working with all our great staff.

Thank you for your prayers and support through this season of transition. We believe that God has been leading us and has given us a real gift in Curtis and his family.

Thank you also to Robb Massey who has helped the Board and staff to experience a relatively smooth transition.

Thank you to our search committee of Jeff McNeill, Juanita Froese, and Ron Klassen who interviewed and discerned and prayed. Great work.

Finally, thank you to George Hill (who is still doing camp building) and Carol Hill (who is coordinating so much of our food needs). It’s a blessing to have their continued involvement and influence.


Gloria Fligg
Board Chair
Living Bible Explorers

More about Curtis

Curtis is excited to start working together with the team of volunteers and staff at Living Bible Explorers. He loves to share and hear stories, and deeply values relationships. Curtis wants to regularly encourage others to see the gifts God has given them and to use them in Christ centered ways, and enjoys asking questions and being challenged. He loves to laugh, spend time learning, and enjoys all kinds of ‘hands on’ tasks – mechanical, yard work, renovations – all kinds of things. He loves being married to his wife, April, and being dad to an energetic 4 year old. Curtis is looking forward to getting to know the people who love and support Living Bible Explorers, so please contact him to introduce yourself!