Remembering Eldon Plett, EBC Volunteer

This week a friend of LBE, Eldon Plett, passed on to glory. As you read the tributes from our own George Hill and Jack Penner, please pray with us for the next generation of men to take their places on the wall to both pray and work so that children can experience the Kingdom of God.

Eldon served at EBC installing electrical in many of our cabins and in prayer for the children who would benefit from his work.

From George Hill

I have great sadness to write about a man I will have to wait with hope to see again.

The last day I spent with Eldon was Jan 20th 2018. I asked him to come and inspect the wiring of a old house I had just purchased. With great eagerness we climbed around the house and attic, testing the wires, and he made a report for my insurance company. I then invited him to my home for lunch and fellowship. We had almost 2 hours to share about our interests in the Lord Jesus, and issues of spiritual significance in the news, offering our solutions to many of the worlds problems. I had also invited him to a dinner on Jan 31 with the group of 20 men that he met and worked with at the Explorers Bible Camp. Of course Eldon was coming and he loved his dinners, and he had an appetite, but that skinny guy never had to worry about eating too much. But, he never showed up, and we missed his fellowship.

Eldon became a new friend of ours this year as we called out to him for his help in our needs at Explorers Bible Camp. He was a regular supporter of Living Bible Explorers inner city children’s ministry, and as we needed a volunteer electrician, he became our man. Having Eldon was so important to our camp ministry. 2017 was the year that all the cabins needed to be wired and inspected and ready for the campers by the first week of July. Eldon took on the responsibility of pulling permits, and overseeing all electrical workers, and he made sure all was done right.

He was a gift to all. He was also great to spend time with as he loved the camp environment, and our BBQs and loved to eat as much as possible and then back to work. Yes, he was reached through his stomach and loved any left overs as he was cooking for himself at home.

He loved to listen to testimonies of how God was helping the young people at camp. He was eager to share what the bible had to say and challenged us to believe what God said.

He was a man of prayer as he knew Jesus was listening and helping us in our work. It didn’t take much convincing that Eldon’s work was for the Lord Jesus and His children.

When the electrical inspector came to inspect – after seeing Eldon’s work, he told me that he was very impressed and easily passed the work. He said, “I see you guys know what you are doing”. “Well Eldon, he’s the boss,” I said. The inspector said “no need to come back, your man has done it all right, I trust him to finish all your needs”. I immediately called Eldon at work and told him what the inspector said and he was beeming over the phone.

Eldon was already planning 2018 with us. All the men at camp will miss him and now we are trusting God to bring us someone with similar gifts, as Eldon was greatly needed.
Praise the Lord for Eldon’s life and gifts to the camp ministry.

George Hill
Camp Construction Manager
Explorers Bible camp

Staff and campers enjoying lunch at EBC.

From Jack Penner

I was saddened by the news that Eldon passed away last week, although I am certain he has gone to a wonderful reward. I am more than willing to share with his family how much we appreciated and enjoyed his help and his presence in working at the Explorers Bible Camp construction.

I got to drive to and from the Camp a number of times and also work with Eldon. Each trip was a time of visiting and fellowship. Eldon loved to contribute to God’s work with the considerable abilities he had. He told me how he had been an electrical engineer with Manitoba Hydro, had also been a pilot, (he still enjoyed flying) a truck driver, and an electrician and he enjoyed working. I was able to help him with electrical work as I have some experience with that work myself. He was agile as a young man in getting up to the rafters when he needed to, and a pleasure to work with. Eldon was a tireless worker and made sure everything was done right, including re-doing some things that needed improving. He was eager to do this work and the cause of reaching children with the gospel I believe gave him joy. We considered him an incredible gift and we will miss him. We also benefit from the many things he accomplished, completing in a short while all the wiring we were prepared we needed at that point.

Eldon and I also talked about his background at Riverton as I had known someone from Riverton when I was young (Alfred Doerksen) who passed away as a fairly young man. We had a similar rural upbringing and seemed to both have a strong involvement in Church activities. I hope the family is comforted with knowing a bit more about a full and meaningful life that Eldon experienced.

Jack Penner
Living Bible Explorers
Board Member